Expert Tips for the Double Bubble Slot

You will also find a  selection of slot games to play online that can be played in a certain way that will ensure you get the best payout percentage offered by those slots and will therefore always get the maximum chances of winning big either from the slot games base game or bonus feature rounds.

That is certainly the case with one of the most popular online slots that being the Double Bubble game, for there is a huge 20,000 coin jackpot up for grabs on this slot and also two unique bonus games.

However, both of those bonus games do payout more to players when you play this slot with 20 payline in live play, and therefore the best top for playing this slot is to play all of those paylines on every single spin you play off but do pick out a coin value that will allow you to get lots of spins from your bankroll too!

High RTP and Payouts

The payout percentage of this slot is a high one however so is the base game jackpot that can of course be awarded to you when you are playing off any one single base game spin. The jackpot is awarded to any player who gets, on any activated payline, all of the Double Bubble Wild spinning in on each reel and that jackpot is worth some 20,000 coins.

The Double Bubble Wild will, as they are completely wild symbols, stand in for all of the other standard symbols on all five reels, the only symbols that they never stand in for are the three scatter bonus symbols which will trigger the bonus game below when spun in on all three reels they are found on.

Two Unique Bonus Feature Rounds

Once you give the Double Bubble slot game any amount of play time you will certainly find it a full rounded slot and one offering you plenty of ways to win! There are two very unique bonus games and features on offer on this slot and in the following section of this review is an overview of how those bonus games play and pay.

Bubble Line Awards – The Bubble Line could award you with a bonus winning payout when you have spun in any reel symbols that contains a bubble, when they do those symbols will drop onto the Bubble Line in the order they have been spun in at.

By you then forming on the Bubble Line a winning combination the amount of cash you will win will be the pay table listed payout for that winning combination boosted by a multiplier based on the number of pay lines you activated on the winning spin, playing all of this slot games 20 individual payline in one spin boosts that multiplier to a large x22!

Main Bonus Game – The main bonus game attached to this slot game is a picking one, and as such when you get three of the bubble bonus scatter symbols appearing anywhere on reels one, three and five that bonus game will be awarded to you instantly. That bonus game is called the Bubble Pop round and three bubbles appear on the slot game screen and you need to select just one of them to reveal you cash prize.

Guide to Fluffy Favourites Slot

At the top of most bingo slot players’ lists of their most popular slot games is the Fluffy Favourites slot which you are going to find on offer as both a real money slot or as a free play slot at quite a number of different bingo sites.

In fact it is not only online bingo sites but also mobile bingo sites which have this all singing and all dancing slot game on offer, and due to its popularity we have put together this review of this must play bingo slot.

There is always going to be a reason why one slot machine gets a lot more attention from players than other slots and it is the bonus feature rounds which are triggered regularly on the Fluffy Favourites slot game that makes it a fun to play and often very rewarding slot.

One of those bonus rounds is a game based around a claw grabbing machine which you may have played before, and when triggered you are going to see the claw picking up a range of different toys from the machine each of which will award you with a cash payout.

Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payouts

There are several different aspects of playing the Fluffy Favourites slot which you really are going to appreciate. The first thing worth noting is that it is a multi stake and multi line slot. You can adjust the pay lines from one to twenty five lines in play per spin and the coin values that you can put into play are adjustable starting at 0.01.

There is also a wild symbol in play on all five reels of this slot and they are the Elephant reels symbols, by getting at least one of those symbols helping you form a winning combination the payout value of that winning combinations will be doubled.

The jackpot which could be spun in on any base game spin is worth 5000 coins, and the jackpot paying reel symbols are the Elephant symbols. However, as the wild symbol doubles the value of any winning combination spun in that does of course mean that 5000 base game jackpot will become a 10000 coin jackpot if one of those wild symbols spins in alongside any four of the Hippo symbols on any activated payline.

There are of course several bonus games which can be triggered when you play the Fluffy Favourites slot and in the next section we shall take a look at those bonus games and let you know how they are triggered.

Bonus Games

Three bonus games are attached to the Fluffy Favourites bingo slot, and they are all triggered in a different way. To trigger a set of free spins you simply need to spin in three or more of the Elephant in view. As soon as three, four or all five of those symbols spin in you will be awarded with 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively so a large number of free spins can be triggered when playing this slot.

A double or nothing based gamble game is also available to you when playing this slot, and that gamble game feature round is completely options and is offered whenever a winning combination has been spun in

You will be given two different options when playing of that bonus game if you choose to take it. A winning payout by guessing the suit of a playing card about to be revealed to you or if you prefer you can try and guess the suit of that playing card. By guessing the suit correctly you will boost your base game winning payout by four times its value!

The final bonus game which you really will want to trigger as often as is possible is the cuddly toy grabbing bonus round. That bonus game will only ever be triggered when at least three of the Claw symbols have been spun into view.

As soon as they are then you will see a crane grabbing machine animation loaded onto the bonus game screen and you will then watch as the claw moves over one of the toys and picks it up.

As soon as the toy has been securely lifted into the air then it will reveal a multiplier value. That multiplier value could be 100 times your base game stake amount. Plus you may notice the claw picking up more than one toy and each one lifted up in the air is going to reveal a randomly awarded multiplier value too!

California Voters to Legalise Fantasy Sports Betting!

California Voters to Legalise Fantasy Sports Betting!

The craze for online betting may have increased but the United States is still in polemics to legalise this type of betting. According to the recent reports, the California has made it clear that it will be in the hands of voters to legalize the industry daily betting. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two most popular sportsbook that provides online betting on various sports, which is very much different from that of traditional leagues.

Agenda of the Convene

Latest in this week, the foremost topic that legislature picked up for discussion was about licensing and officially legalizing fantasy sports betting in the city of California. Although the legislature has full rights to take any decision but its authority is restricted by the constitution of the state. This simply hints at the fact that voters will enjoy the right to decide upon the issue with full liberty. According to the reports, daily fantasy sports has become the most popular form of betting with almost around five million bettors across America last year. This is simply because of the interest of the players and the promotion strategies by the big companies to entice more players. It was seen that FanDuel and DraftsKings spend thousands and millions of dollars in advertising that anyone could win real cash prizes just by betting on different sports.

About state authorities

No doubt, California is very developed but the state has still not openly accepted daily fantasy sports. In fact, the attorney generals of Nevada, Illinois and New York have also condemned this type of betting in the city. They do not support it at all. The reason behind is that daily fantasy sports betting is quite different from that of traditional one. The traditional betting was a social affair where people used to compete with each other but it has now turned more advanced today in the form of fantasy sports betting. At present, it has become an automated form of betting, which is based on the performance of a professional athlete.

History of Legalised Betting

Since years, California has been regulating gambling. The history of it takes back to the time when San Francisco tagged the city of New Orleans as the nation’s gambling Mecca. Much before the statehood in the year 1850, card rooms were popular among the people. In addition to this, the gambling at tribal casinos and placing bets on horse racing had also become authorized after California approved various different constitutional amendments related to betting and gambling.

The Bottom Line

When voters had earlier approved other forms of betting, the state itself witnessed the benefits it brought in terms of money. Therefore, all the daily fantasy sports betting companies will today have to convince the state authorities and will have to assure that it will bring revenue to the state, which can be further used for the welfare of the people. At present, FanDuel and DraftsKings are operating in California and proclaiming that they are legalized. The eyes of all the bettors are still on it!

Re-Emergence of the Single-Sports Event Betting Bill

Re-Emergence of the Single-Sports Event Betting Bill

Once again, the agenda of the House of Commons will again have the topic of single event sports betting to be discussed. Earlier, the Finance Minister of Ontario, Charles Sousa had urged the single sports betting and today the same betting bill is expected to be revived by NDP. The agenda of the House works on the lottery and it does not allow more than thirty private members’ bills at one time. The bills that are drawn in the lottery first are discussed and debated. Running on the same lines, Brian Masse, Windsor West NDP MP is planning to take the benefit of the opportunity. He has recently received the opportunity to speak after his name was drawn seventh in the lottery. The entire drawn issues were discussed according to the order of precedence.

Issue raised by Brian Masse

In an interview with CBC’s Windsor Morning, Brian made it clear that his intentions are to re-introduce the bill that can legalize or officially approve single-event sports betting in the city. He firmly said that he will make all the attempts to legalize such betting. In the year 2011, Retired NDP MP Joe Comartin introduced the bill C-290, which was passed by the house with the approval of all the parties. It later arrived in the Senate in 2012 but was then jammed with the Royal Assent in 2013. Therefore, it could not get clear.  However, the same debate has again emerged with Brian. The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce president, Matt Marchand mentions that he expects the approval of the bill and the will of the Senate to carry it out at least this time.

It is true that the original bill C-290 was designed to amend the Criminal Code. It also allowed the wagering on the result on single sports event, which is today illegal in the state of Canada. According to the authorities, the proposed legislation repeals the section of Criminal Code restricting betting on various sporting games.

‘Job creation tool’

Marchand says that after the bill has been approved by the state, it will offer a great opportunity to the gaming market. The gaming companies will then be able to offer the betting games soon after the bill is legalized. Comartin earlier made it clear that single event betting can be a great job creation tool for the entire communities of the country. He even claimed that earlier in the July, it saved the jobs of 250 people at Caesars Windsor. Masse even called this single sports betting as a windfall for organized crime.


According to the Canadian Gaming Association, Canadians spend most of their earnings in parlay bets and more than that on single-sports event betting. The Finance Minister has further stated that the collected money will be used in the welfare of the hospitals and schools by the state. Out of the entire money that the betting business will bring in, a large share of it will be spent on the betterment of the society.