The craze for online betting may have increased but the United States is still in polemics to legalise this type of betting. According to the recent reports, the California has made it clear that it will be in the hands of voters to legalize the industry daily betting. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two most popular sportsbook that provides online betting on various sports, which is very much different from that of traditional leagues.

Agenda of the Convene

Latest in this week, the foremost topic that legislature picked up for discussion was about licensing and officially legalizing fantasy sports betting in the city of California. Although the legislature has full rights to take any decision but its authority is restricted by the constitution of the state. This simply hints at the fact that voters will enjoy the right to decide upon the issue with full liberty. According to the reports, daily fantasy sports has become the most popular form of betting with almost around five million bettors across America last year. This is simply because of the interest of the players and the promotion strategies by the big companies to entice more players. It was seen that FanDuel and DraftsKings spend thousands and millions of dollars in advertising that anyone could win real cash prizes just by betting on different sports.

About state authorities

No doubt, California is very developed but the state has still not openly accepted daily fantasy sports. In fact, the attorney generals of Nevada, Illinois and New York have also condemned this type of betting in the city. They do not support it at all. The reason behind is that daily fantasy sports betting is quite different from that of traditional one. The traditional betting was a social affair where people used to compete with each other but it has now turned more advanced today in the form of fantasy sports betting. At present, it has become an automated form of betting, which is based on the performance of a professional athlete.

History of Legalised Betting

Since years, California has been regulating gambling. The history of it takes back to the time when San Francisco tagged the city of New Orleans as the nation’s gambling Mecca. Much before the statehood in the year 1850, card rooms were popular among the people. In addition to this, the gambling at tribal casinos and placing bets on horse racing had also become authorized after California approved various different constitutional amendments related to betting and gambling.

The Bottom Line

When voters had earlier approved other forms of betting, the state itself witnessed the benefits it brought in terms of money. Therefore, all the daily fantasy sports betting companies will today have to convince the state authorities and will have to assure that it will bring revenue to the state, which can be further used for the welfare of the people. At present, FanDuel and DraftsKings are operating in California and proclaiming that they are legalized. The eyes of all the bettors are still on it!

California Voters to Legalise Fantasy Sports Betting!

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